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30 Day SELF-LOVE Challenge!

Activate Your Wellness & Weight Loss Journey

Self-Love Challenge includes: 

Weekly Virtual LIVE workouts Led by Natalia 

Daily Check-ins in Private group for Accountability 

30 Daily Easy to Master Self-Care Actions 

30 Healthy Plant-Based Recipes (including juices and smoothies) 

Pre-recorded workouts and meditations

1 Self-Love Kit delivered to your home: 

✅ 30 Day Supply of Organic Wheatgrass Supplement

✅ 30 Day Activated Journal to Track Progress

✅ Essential Oils and More

Are you tired of putting yourself last and feeling like a doormat?

Are you tired of getting sick or feeling chronic pain?

Do you want to create healthier habits but feel like you don't have the time or the support?

If you answered yes to one or ALL OF THE ABOVE...


You deserve to feel healthy.

You deserve to feel confident.

You deserve to feel supported.


I dare you to show up for yourself everyday for 30 days to feel more energized, empowered and excited about your life!

You have so much power within you already; all you need now is a little guidance on how to best focus on your mental, physical and spiritual health without feeling guilty!!

Activate your inner Wellness Warrior and take the challenge...

to love yourself back to health. (physically, mentally and emotionally)

I designed this 30 Day Self-Love challenge specifically around helping you:

BUILD your self-esteem and confidence.

CULTIVATE compassion for yourself throughout your transformation AND RELEASE unwanted weight with love.

EMPOWER yourself by executing healthier habits consistently with like-minded Wellness Warrior Women. 

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30 Day SELF-LOVE Challenge!30 Day SELF-LOVE Challenge!30 Day SELF-LOVE Challenge!